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October 17, 2019

Benefits of Colocation to Your Business

Colocating means connecting your servers together with the servers of other companies in the same location. It means that your company has shared space with other companies in a data centre. Many businesses are buying in to the idea of collocation for their data since they are many advantages that accrue to them. Your business is able to grow in a colocation as there is healthy completion with other companies. Co locating is open for any business whether large or small as long as it is willing to share its server location. The following are benefits that both small and large companies enjoy in colocation.

You are sure of the safety of your data in a colocation. There are tight safety measures put in place in a colocation to ensure that your data is safe. There are latest firewalls installed to ensure that information relating to your company is kept safe from all outside interference. The building and structures where the servers are located are built in such a way that they are able to withstand storms and other calamities that may occur. In the face calamities your servers may not have been as safe because they are no strong safety measure put in place.

There are fewer costs involved when you decide to store your data in a colocation. Most businesses exist to make profit. To earn more profit businesses are always looking for ways to cut on costs and increase their revenue. You can cut on costs for your business through colocation. This is because in a colocation there are shared facilities like electric power and man power too. One is able to pay less on electricity in a colocation as you share these facilities with other companies. You are able to earn more and pay less in a colocation which is an advantage for your business.

It allows for a smooth downsizing or upsizing of your companies servers. There may be need to upsize servers depending on the increasing business needs. It may be expensive to upsize especially if the initial server’s space was small and more space needed to be created. When a business has stored its data in a collocation, it is very easy to up size. In instances where businesses need to downsize, colocation makes it easily possible with minimal costs.

Co-location is reliable in such a way that that your IT systems will be running at all times. There no power cuts in a collocation centers as there are backup generators. You are in a position to determine your collocating costs beforehand which allows you to plan effectively.

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